Moss agate cabochons

Rectangular and oval cabochons of moss agate from Indonesia. Often with beautiful green and red hues in transparent chalcedony.
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Moss agate is formed by quartz (often chalcedony) with dendrites in it. Those dendrites do not consist of fossil moss, but of other mineral species such as iron or chlorite. It is called moss agate because the green inclusions are reminiscent of moss.

Moss agate is a grounding stone that creates emotional, physical and intellectual balance. Moss agate allows acceptance of the self and increases self-confidence. The stone promotes sincerity and honesty. Gives courage to start again. Moss agate reduces pain during childbirth and makes it go smoothly. Moss agate strengthens love for nature. Physically, it counteracts inflammation, reduces swelling and has a fever-reducing effect. Moss agate has a positive effect on the immune system and resistance, flu and colds, the lymphatic system and infections.


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