Clear quartz merkaba mini

Mini merkaba of rock crystal from Brazil.
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A Merkaba is a powerful geometric figure consisting of two 3D triangles inside each other. The Merkaba energy is good for healing, strength and spiritual growth.

Clear quartz (healing) properties

Rock crystal/clear quartz is a stone with enormous healing power. Rock crystal regulates, energizes and stores it. Rock crystal can contain a lot of information from old and new times. It strengthens the effect of other stones, helps to become aware of deeply hidden, old memories; it cleanses chakras and balances them. Rock crystal helps to think clearly and adopt a neutral, impartial attitude. The stone has a purifying, vitalizing, cooling, analgesic and fever-reducing effect; stimulates the immune system and brings balance. Reduces swelling, nausea and diarrhea.

Size 1 cm.
Weight 6 grams.
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