Pendulum que sera

Low budget pendulum in que sera / vulcanite from Brazil.
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Vulcanite, also called que sera, is a unique stone from Brazil with both an earthy and a very high vibration. Que sera consists of blue quartz, feldspar, calcite, kaolinite, iron magnetite, leucozone and clinozoisite. Que sera/vulcanite is connected to the creative power of the universe. IT activates and charges; balances the meridians and organs and activates neurotransmitters. Que sera empowers and liberates from self-imposed (unconscious) obligations. The stone learns to say “no” and helps you not to take on all the suffering in the world. Que sera connects to the Akash and your destiny. IT shows the way and lets you create your own reality. Vulcanite restores imbalance in the body on an energetic and cellular level.

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