Dreamcoat lemurians

Very rare, super special coated lemurians from GoÍas, Brazil.
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Collect something really special in your assortment with these semi-polished Dreamcoat Lemurians.

A dreamcoat Lemurian is a Lemurian crystal, coated with various minerals including amethyst, hematite and laterite with sometimes inclusions of goethite, rutile quartz or chlorite. Helps peel away layers of yourself. Is helpful in self-realization in a kind, patient and gentle manner. Every person has a core of light and a dreamcoat Lemurian helps to liberate this core. Location: Goias, Brazil.

Would you like to read more about this special stone?

>> Go to our blog about dreamcoat Lemurians (It's in Dutch, but no doubt Google can help you out!)



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