Artichoke candle quartz (inner light traveler) M/L

Artichoke, coated cathedral candle quartz from Bahia. These candle quartz all contain a crystal clear crystal base with small coated crystals that give the dripping candle effect. Also called inner light traveler.
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Candle quartz draws guardian angels closer and attracts abundance. Candle quartz brings peace and confidence and connects to the core of Divine love. Candle quartz helps to see, feel and experience the light on earth and provides insight into the purpose of the soul in the current incarnation. These candle quartz from Bahia have a super clear core and connect to the Light in everyone's being in times of turmoil. Each inner light traveler is a master of crystal form who connects with metaphysical knowledge and compassion. A fine stone for dying care; candle quartz gives peace, deep confidence, ensures a smooth transition and offers comfort to relatives.

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