Bumble bee tumbled stones

Tumbled bumble bee from Indonesia.

NB! Bumble bee contains arsenic sulfide (the orange in the stone) and sulfur (yellow). These substances are toxic. The tumbled and polished stones are not directly harmful, but it is advised to wash your hands if you come into contact with them intensively.

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Bumble bee makes merry, helps to find happiness and to be positive in life. Bumble bee inspires and makes enthusiastic and adventurous. Bumble bee shows the way, makes clear what one's passion in life is and gives courage and perseverance to follow the heart. Bumble bee provides good concentration, a clear head and it strengthens intuition. Bumble bee has a positive effect on the immune system, spleen, stomach, liver and kidneys.

Bumble bee's full name is bumble bee jasper, but it is not a true jasper because it mainly consists of volcanic rock with various minerals such as calcite, pyrite, sulfur and arsenic sulfide.

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