Double terminated lemurians

Double terminated lemurians, pocket and hand size. These double ends are not natural double ends, but have been ground to a double end on one side.
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A double terminated lemurian is a special, powerful crystal encoded with special information. Each Lemurian crystal emits very high frequencies of light. Double ends are special because energy is absorbed and released on both sides. (Lemurian) double ends are the ultimate balancers. Double terminated Lemurians are strongly connected to the Hators, the frequency of healing water, Venus and Lemuria. Lemurian crystals can introduce you to the crystal healing method used long ago in the healing temples of Lemuria. Every Lemurian crystal is still connected to this knowledge today. Double terminated Lemurians help clear and strengthen the heart chakra and increase consciousness with spiritual white light. A lemurian double end works strongly on the head and throat. Soothes physical complaints and pain.


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