Amphibole (angel phantom) pendant

Pendants of the rare amphibole quartz, also called angel phantom quartz because of the vague, white shapes it contains. These inclusions are formed by the mineral wollastonite. Wollastonite can turn yellow, gray, red or brown.

The pendants can vary in quality and contain more or less wollastonite. Some pendants are clear, others are opaque.
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Amphibole quartz is a fairly rare desirite species from Brazil. It is also called angel phantom crystal because of the wing-like shapes you can find in it. Amphibole quartz makes soft, receptive and loving. It invokes guardian angels and has a calming, protective effect. Amphibole quartz helps to gain insight into old patterns and to come home more and more deeply. Angelic phantom quartz brings wisdom of a higher order. The many layers in the crystal symbolize the different lives of the soul. In contact with a phantom quartz one can come into contact with old lives and forgotten or hidden soul parts.

Length 2-3,5 cm.
Width 1-2 cm.
Weight 4-6 grams.
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